AFTER HOURS CLINIC (Enrolled Patients Only)

The After Hours Clinic is a walk-in clinic for enrolled patients of doctors affiliated with the Scarborough Academic Family Health Team. There are two clinics operating for two different sets of doctors.

If you require medical care after hours or on weekends, your Doctor's office voice-mail will provide you with a phone number of the Doctor who is on call, or for the location of this week's after-hours clinic.

Please note that you must bring a valid Ontario Health card to your appointment.

Important: If you have a medical emergency please go to your nearest emergency department or call 911.

Patients for the following fourteen doctors:
Dr. Abdulhussein, R.
Dr. Arulchelvam, P.
Dr. Baker, L.
Dr. Caulford, P.
Dr. Choi-Fung, B.
Dr. Chu, M.
Dr. Espiritu, F.
Dr. Mark, D.
Dr. Mastrogiacomo, C.
Dr. Meneses, G.
Dr. Moss, M.
Dr. Oliver, S.

Dr. Rajesan, Ratheishan

Dr. Taylor, S.

This week's After Hours Clinic Location
For the Afterhours clinic locations for the week, please see below. For more location information, click on the Doctors Office Locations tab.



Patients for the following five doctors:
Dr. Kassam, T
Dr. Ledger, D.
Dr. McDonald, J.
Dr. Ringnalda, J.
Dr. Rotbard, M

Telephone Health Advisory Service:
You may also speak to a nurse any time after hours by calling the Telephone Health Advisory Service at 1-866-553-7205. The service is open:

Weekdays: 5pm-9am
Weekends and recognized Holidays: 24 hours